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The Man Minute: 60 Seconds Can Change Your Life

The Man Minute: 60 Seconds Can Change Your Life

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God can do a lot to a man in just a minute.

"I cannot attempt to explain why The Man Minute fell into your world. . but it has no doubt landed on the path of your journey. I cannot tell you what's going to happen. ..other than to tell you that life won't be the same..

"God doesn't take part in the coincidental, and He doesn't offer random. His paths are sure and battle-tested. His words are worth slowing down long enough to encounter." (from the Introduction)

Jason Cruise-author, speaker, and producer--has taken the flat, paved, predictable road of men's devotionals and made a hard right turn down a dirt road of insights that are raw, unfiltered, and unpredictable. Every "Man Minute" is designed to be read in sixty seconds, yet you'll carry the insights you glean into a lifelong journey of spiritual manhood.

This book offers a high-caliber tandem of biblical insights and encouragement that will draw you closer to God, who has called you to a life that transcends complace

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