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Bubiloons Collectible Toy

Bubiloons Collectible Toy

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Bubiloons are a collection of animals who live in a world full of bubbles, colors, and candy. Plus they can make bubbles with their mouths. When you spin the candy shaped dial on the capsule, the colorful beads will start to fall and unveil the surprise Bubiloons animal inside!

Each capsule comes with 8 plus surprises!

It includes different accessories: 8 bubi-goos, 1 bubble maker, 2 personalized objects & 3 common sticks to decorate the capsule with bubbles.

If you add the bubble maker with the bubi-goo to your Bubiloons mouth and squeeze its head... you will see how a bubble is created!

Separate the bubble from the mouth, decorate it with the beads, and put it together with the objects to create amazing accessories!

There are 12 characters to collect plus 1 rare character!

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