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Touchland Power Mist Rainwater

Touchland Power Mist Rainwater

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The award-winning hydrating hand sanitizer mist that feels as good as it looks.

Rainwater scent: run your fingers through a natural spring, where the cool stream meets salty lime, transparent florals and tender woods.

Top note: watery pear, ozonic accord, salty lime.

Heart note: violet leaves, jasmine, lily of the valley.

Base note: salted woods, musk, cedarwood.

• hydrating. Fast-absorbing. Vegan. Cruelty-free.

Dermatologist tested.

  • 70% ethyl alcohol.
  • 500 sprays.
  • 1FL oz (30ml)
  • tsa-approved.

Say so long to sticky, goopy hand sanitizers, and hello to our really good, really cute hand sanitizing mist that not only cleans your hands, but makes them soft to touch, and smell good, too. Every bottle of Touchland power mist is packed with good-for-you, vegan, and not-sticky ingredients like aloe vera and essential oils that spritz lightly and evenly to keep your hands happy.

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