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Good Times Cracker Smack French Onion

Good Times Cracker Smack French Onion

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Make your snacking dreams come true with Cracker Smack - French Onion! These natural ingredient cracker blends are sure to satisfy your cravings in one shakey, no bakey bag! This gifty package includes a unique spice blend and a mixing bag. You just add 1 1/2 cups of a lightly flavored oil and 2 Boxes of Nabisco® Mini Premiums. Shake, Shake, Shake and lie flat in the mixing bag on your counter for 6-8 hours.

Then transfer to an airtight container. Time for an adventure in snack-tivity!

Delicious when finished crackers are crunched over your favorite dish as a panko crumb. Over a salad as a crouton or as a topping on Soups, Chowders, or Chili!

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